Terms and Conditions

By donating and completing the checkout process you are agreeing our terms and conditions. Players must be 18 years of age or older to offer a donation. Minors wishing to donate should have their parent or legal guardian perform the transaction on their behalf.

A donation is purely voluntary and the player making a donation is not entitled to any form of benefits, advantages, or special treatment. While a donating player is not entitled to receive any type of benefits by donating, we offer donor rewards as a way to say “thank you” to these players.

When a player receives their reward for donating, they are still required to follow all rules. Rewards are given out at the discretion of the ownership group and can be revoked at any time if a player has been deemed to be in violation of any rule or in violation of these terms and conditions. Donor rewards can also be revoked if a member of the ownership group determines that a player has abused or misused any reward.

Please take note of the following.

  • Once you receive your items it’s your responsibility to protect them.
  • If guidelines or rules are broken we reserve the ability to revoke your rewards.
  • We reserve the rights to modify your rewards.

RustySurvival including the our ownership group, staff members, and hosting company are not liable for any damages that may occur from playing on any of our servers. We are also not responsible for transaction errors arising from the use of the services such as PayPal when a donation is being made. Please ensure that you are entering the correct information into PayPal or other websites when submitting your donation.

Donations received from players go towards the costs of operating and maintaining our network. This includes but is not limited to the monthly server rental costs, plugins, website, and more.

Both these terms and donor rewards are subject to change at any time.

We do not offer refunds normally however if you believe you’re in an exceptional situation you may contact us via our contact form.